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Visualisation: How to sell a new product concept

You are a budding maker. You think you have this promising idea that solves a problem but you need validation to prove it. You try going around telling people about your product, and everyone says it's great but no one really wants to commit. What could help you stand out is attractive visual content.

A picture is worth a thousand words, you must have heard. Because, really, attention spans these days are worth close to nothing. A prospect needs to be able to visualise your not-yet-existent product, and good quality imagery is what leads to good perception and is often the first filter used to judge your ability to deliver.

Here are our picks for the top three ways to describe your product idea:

1. Imagery

Compelling images can instantly create understanding, spark empathy and inspire action. Studies found that good graphics have a significant positive influence on customer conversion. But not any pictures will do the job. Famous Neil Patel learnt that stock photography and low-quality royalty free imagery were the least liked, whilst hand drawings and animated photos had the most impact. Therefore, investing some time and money into sketching your product idea out in an interesting way is well worth it.

2. Pitch deck

This one is an all-time-favourite with investors. TechCrunch says that an average investor only pays attention to a pitch deck for just 3 minutes and 44 seconds. So a good pitch deck should summarise your value proposition in just about ten slides. If you look at pitch decks of successful companies that started small, you will notice that their creators used mostly graphical imagery – including realistic 2D concept sketches – to explain how their product worked. On the other hand, a poorly designed boring pitch deck is a major turn-off for the investor audience, making fundraising ever so difficult.

3. Video presentation

Now, if you really want to take your presentation to the next level, then make it a video. One survey found that 71% of customers who watched a video clip developed a positive perception toward the brand, and at least 96% said it assisted them in the buying decision. Similarly, websites with video content have proved to be more useful to visitors than static-picture only alternatives. Transport your customer or investor prospect to your realm by including in the video accurate 3D renderings of your product-to-be to show your idea off in full colour.

Start small: sketch your idea out – roughly by hand or more accurately using a computer rendition – then consider investing in a 3D design of your product. Once these are in place, create an effective pitch deck and perhaps even a first-rate video explainer.


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